June 27, 2008

No One Wants to Win My Next PTU Kit?

I've only had 2 entries, no one else? I was expecting more than that. There's another day or 2 to enter.

In case you missed my last post, if you'd like to win my next PTU kit, then you have to name my next freebie kit. It's a child theme and I posted a color swatch in my previous entry. I've made a chalk hopscotch element and one of the papers has child's game names and sayings on them. So keep that in mind when naming it. You can enter as many names as you want. Email them to shiloschwab@yahoo.com with "Naming Contest" or something to that effect in the subject. I'll post the winner when I post the freebie kit.

I've finished the papers so I decided to post the preview of them to maybe give people more ideas on names. The paper with words on it, says things like "Hide N' Seek", "Ready or not, here I come!", and "Tag, you're it!" plus a few more.

Here are the papers:

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What do you think of the papers? I was unsure of them

Anyways, on another note, due to alot of positive feedback, I will be doing a Lil Furry Guys freebie line. Everyday for the next week or 2, I will release a new one.

Sorry this contest has ended.


Lisa Peppers said...

the yellow paper on the right end has words on it that I wish I could read. It looks like it says "Hide" in one spot which makes me thing "Peek a boo" and with the colors being so soft and baby-ish, maybe that would be a good name for it!! Can't wait to see the rest of the kit!

Leaonna said...

How about Pastel Playground OR
Momma's Little Angel OR
Precious Pretties*LOL*

lwlittlebit said...

How about:

Kids Hard at Play

Kids at Play

Play With Me

Games Kids Play

Fun and Games


I love the colors!

Tina said...

Childhood Dreams
Childhood Memories
Don't Let Your babies grow up...
Come, let's play together

sarah said...

Your designs are awesome girl! How about peek-a-boo papers kit!

girlymom4 said...

I LOVE the papers! Beautiful job! As for a name, I have to think on that and let you know!