June 29, 2008

Scanning Spree & Random Post

I've been up all night and I'm bored and so I went to scan one thing and ended up scanning 74.. lol. I scanned everything from clothes to binders and anything else I thought I could use.

While I was look for things to scan.. I found this, I made it in Kindergarden but I'm not sure why my L is a backwards J.

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The poem on it says:
Here my handprints are done
For everyone to view
I had so much fun
Doing this for you

So look upon this handprint plaque
Hanging on your wall
And memories will come back
Of me when I was small

That's it, idk who wrote it lol. I thought it was cute.

So anyways, back to my scanning. Here are some things I scanned that I liked.. let me know if you guys like any, I might use them for something if I can figure out what.

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And I think I def. wanna use this for something..

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That's all for now.. let me know what you think about any of these if you like them. And I'm glad everyone liked my freebie kit and alpha. And how well the Lil Furry Guys are going.


Anonymous said...

I love the scan of the guitar. I would love to see something like that for my son, but not in pink LOL!!

Leaonna said...

I LOVE this scan but thesse graphics are probably copyrighted....too cool not to be...teehee...but the others should be fine AND you can make something like this easy with brushes let me know if you need some....((hugs))

Judy said...

oh yes! The pink and black rocker kit! My granddaughter has pics from an Avril Lavigne concert and sure could use something like that!
p.s. My first time here and I'm enjoying your blog so far....the furry guys are too cute!
And um, what does PTU stand for?

Shilo said...

Well you didn't leave a link so it's hard for me to answer, hopefully you see this, PTU is Pay To Use, basically a kit that's for sale.

Sonel said...

Love your scans hon! They are awesome and would do great as backgrounds, as well as brushes...:-)

Love & Hugs