June 27, 2008

Wanna Win My Next PTU Kit?

Well, everyone voted for a child like theme as the next freebie kit. I've made a color swatch and started a few papers and a few elements. I'm making a tagger size and a full size.

Here's a little preview of the color swatch:

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But anyways, here's the contest to win my next kit that I sell. I don't know what the theme of that kit is yet but you can win it lol.

You have to name my freebie kit that I'm working on. The one I just showed the color swatch for. It's a child like theme and so far I've used doodle like flowers, stars, dots, and also made a chalk hop scotch element. So keep all that in mind and the colors and email your submission to shiloschwab@yahoo.com with "Naming Contest" as the subject. You can submit as many names as you'd like. The contest will run until I finish the kit and then I'll make a post with the winning name and the kit.

When my next PTU kit is done, I will email it to whoever wins. Good luck.

Sorry this contest has ended.

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