July 5, 2008

Got My Tattoo Yay

I finally got it.. it took them a half hour just to get me to let them start cause I was nervous it'd hurt. Then I finally let him go and it didn't hurt that bad. Only in some spots like towards my toes and around my ankle. It took about an hour and a half. The colors I picked kinda stand for myself and people important to me.

The drawing on my foot before:

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And the tattoo finished (ignore some spots of blood..):

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Well, let me know what you think


sweetsarah said...

shilo, I think it's beautiful!!!!

Designed by K & Designed by Zee said...

ohhhhh shilo its beautiful...absolutely gorgeous..thank you for thinking of me lol..i thought about you today saying OH yeah today's Shilo'd tattoo day ;) when I got up..glad it went well...maybe ill get one before I turn 40 lol..but thats still a ways off heehe..take care

xoxo K

HarleyGirl said...

it's beautiful

Tina said...

It looks very nice--I'm not into tattoos but if you like it that's all that counts.

Leaonna said...

Oh sweetie...thats a Beautiful Tat....you go girl and Congratulations you won an award come by my blog to pick it...((hugs))leaonna