July 19, 2008

Random Stuff, My Next Tattoo, & A Freebie

Well first, sorry I didn't post the next charm yesterday. I made all the charms ahead of time and I messed up on the next one and didn't realize it so I have to redo it and didn't get time yesterday. I'll redo it today and post it tomorrow.

Also, next week I think I'm going to continue with words on charms since I've been getting alot of suggestions and requests for certain words. So if you have any you'd like, feel free to let me know. I do personalized ones, I did one for someone who wanted their kids names. So don't be shy to email me or leave me a comment.

Anyways, even thought I just got my first tattoo, I'm already getting another one. I've been thinking about it alot and as I said before, I like my tattoos to mean something. My grandpa died 5 years ago and I've known I wanted to get something for him so I decided to go ahead and do it. I'm doing it within the next month because every year I go to Tennessee for my family reunion and my grandma (his wife) lives there and we stay with her so I'm gonna kinda surprise her. My grandpa loved the guitar and had this guitar for a long time and when he got cancer, he gave it to my cousin. His guitar is also engraved on his headstone. So I'm going to get his guitar on my leg and it'll have flowers and vines wrapping around it with a hummingbird drinking from one of the flowers. I chose the hummingbird because my grandma (his wife) loves them. She's not dead yet lol but she's gonna be buried next to my grandpa and they share a headstone so it's already made and her side has a hummingbird on it. So I'm kinda doing it as a surprise for her too. Then when my mom's parents die, I'll get one for them. And my mom and dad too. Now I just need to pick colors and what kind of flowers I want in the tattoo, decisions decisions.

Anyways, today it was my day to do a freebie in my other store Ahhh Scrap. It's not CU but I hope you guys like it. Not all are shown in the preview but there are 15 metal heart embellishments. When you click the link it'll take you to the store and you can download there.




MomSoto said...

Thank you :) Your new freebie was just listed at Twisted Challenges Freebie Listing

Pam said...

Thanks Shilo! The charms look great! Bye:)