July 30, 2008

Updates, Finally Done With Princess Kit, & College

Well, first, sorry I have not been posting. I've been focusing all my time on getting my princess kit done and I finally finished it last night. As soon as I make a preview for it later tonight or tomorrow, it'll be up in stores. I'll also be posting a sampler freebie from it tomorrow. And I was so busy with my niece and nephew being here. Plus, in about 2 hours I'm leaving to go stay with my sister for a week and a half in Ohio so I've been busy backing up all my stuff so I can take it to my sister's and be able to scrap. But then I have to download everything which is gonna take hours.

Anyways, I'm really excited. Last week I got something inviting me to an open house and the culinary school I wanna go to so I signed up for that on the 9th. Then the next day I got a call from someone from the school and I'll have a meeting with her when I get back from Ohio so I'm really excited. I really wanna go to this school.

Well, that's about all for now, as soon as I'm at my sisters and have everything downloaded on her computer, I'll be starting with freebies again. And don't forget the sampler freebie will be up tomorrow. And also, on August 1st, make sure to come by for a HUGE freebie collab.

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