August 10, 2008

About Freebies & Updates

Ok, well firstly, I will not be doing a freebie everyday. Before I joined stores, I had time to do this but now I have products, kits, collabs, etc to do and I don't have enough time to do freebies everyday. I will be doing more than 1 freebie a week though. I will figure out some of kind of schedule so that the freebies are on the same day and I'll try to make sure I do it on those days.

Right now, I'm trying to get my "Every Girl Is A Princess" kit packaged and in stores. When I do get it done, I have a sampler freebie from it and some quickpages and brag book pages that some volunteers made using the kit. I'm also working on a surfing/beach type kit called "Surf Paradise". So far, I really like it, the colors are bright and nice. I'm trying to stick with a more realistic look from now on. I also have a new commercial use product that I need to package and get in stores. It's a kind of Build-A-Butterfly thing. It has different wings, bodies, antennas, etc and it's all in metal. Also comes with some beads to decorate it. But I need to redo my packaging.. which I hate.

Also, over the next couple of days, there probably won't be a freebie. Right now I'm busy completely redoing the look of my blog. And I'm very picky so it could take me a few days. I'm still unsure of what colors I want, I keep changing my mind.

Also, I haven't forgotten about the "Blessed" charm. I WILL do it, it'll be the first freebie I do when I start again.

Also, 2 people gave me a blog award. I wanna say thank you and I appreciate it. I don't have the time to pass it on right now but thank you.

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Sonel said...

Wow hon! You sure are a busy-bee...:-) I am glad that you are selling so much of your gorgeous scraps and kits. You deserve it..:-)

In the meantime...I've also nominated you for another award. Stop by my blog for details..:-)
Love & Hugs