August 14, 2008

New Look, Need A Blinkie, Want A New Look For Your Blog? & Freebies

Well, I finally finished my blog. I still have a few things to do. Like all my titles on the side will be pictures to match my header instead of just words. But I'll do that later. I'm also changing my header a little.

Anyways, in doing my blog, I decided that anyone who wants a custom designed blog, I will design for them. I'm going to make an ad for my stores later. It will be $5 and you can tell me exactly what you want, what colors, and a theme. I'll make the layout and I can send you the html or I can get on your blog and put it in for you. So just $5 for a completely new look on your blog, I don't limit to anything and if you don't like it, I'll redo it until you do. If you're interested, email me at

Also, I have a blinkie that Kathy made but I'd also like a few that match my blog. If anyone is interested, please email me with examples of your blinkies. I'll supply you with the things to use to make it that match my blog. I'll also be paying in any 2 products of mine. You can choose the products. And if you don't like the products I have now, you can save your 2 free products for things I may release later.

OH AND I have a college interview later today. I'm nervous.

Anyways, Stephanie from Stephanie's Stuff has 9 brag book pages from my "Every Girl Is A Princess" kit up as freebies on her blog so be sure to stop by there.


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Pick them up at her blog and enjoy =]

Btw, what do you guys think of my new blog?


Kimberly said...

Good luck at your college interview. Even though it was 100 years ago (ok, not really, but feels that way) I remember those. They are certainly nerve wracking!!!!



Designed by K & Zee's Designs said...

OH MY!! How beautiful Shilo :)
I so love it sweetie..great job! Oh yes I can redo a blinkie for you, just email me what you want on it..and NO CHARGE lol :)..just because..that is if you want me too heehe..ttys..HUGS!

Ashley said...

Love the new blog layout! It's so cute! :)

Tiffany said...

I love your blog. It's so pretty.

Becky Jo said...

Love the new blog! Very pretty! Hope all went well with your college interview. Hugs!