September 26, 2008

New Commercial Use Layered Glass Butterfly

Just wanted to post real quick and let you guys know I have a new commercial use item in my stores. It's a glass butterfly and it is layered. You can change the colors of the wings, the gems, the metal part on the wings, the body, and the round metal things. You can find it here at Busy Scrappin, just click my designer name on the side or here at Scrappin Freestyle (which it's on sale there right now, only for a day).


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Freebie, Random Stuff, Sale

Well, I have been sooo busy I barely have time to do anything anymore. I have to finish 5 blogs I was paid to do, I have like 5 collabs to finish, some other random store things, and I can't wait to have time to design my own kits again.

I have gotten a TON of awards that I've lost track, so thank you to everyone who gave me on but that's wayyyy too many to pass on lol.

Anyways, when I'm less busy I will be doing more freebies I just barely have time anymore. Here's a freebie for today.



Enjoy. Comments are appreciated =]

Oh and Scrappin Freestyle is having a sale today, they do every Friday.

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September 16, 2008

New Layout

Took me FOREVER but I love it. This one fits me better than my last one. I'll try to make a freebie today but no promises, I've been so busy. Anyways, what do you guys think of the new layout?

And thanks to everyone who has given me awards. I don't pass awards along because I ran out of people but to the person who tagged me, next time I post I'll do that.

September 13, 2008

New Products & A Freebie

Sorry I haven't posted much and next time I post I'll catch up with all the awards and tags.

I have a new product in 3 different colors and in a value pack. You can get them here at Scrappin Freestyle or here under Scraps by Shilo. There are 30 pins in each set. Comes in basics, neons, and pastels.


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And here's a sampler pack, one pin from each set.




September 7, 2008

Mistake On Coupon

Someone just pointed out that it says August and not September, that was my mistake. I must be behind lol. It's good for September 6th, 7th, and 8th.

September 6, 2008

$2 Off Coupon

Sorry I haven't posted much.. I've been sooo busy designing blogs, I still have alot more to do. I raised the price today so sorry to anyone who missed out. Since I haven't been around much, here's a $2 off coupon for my store at Scrappin Freestyle, everything except for my blog service.

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Code: Shilo2Off


September 2, 2008

Some Updates & Last Chance To Get My Blog Design Service For $5

Well, I've been gone the past few days so that's why you haven't seen any posts from me. Also because I've been busy trying to finish the blogs I'm designing, it takes time. So to everyone waiting, I promise it won't be much longer. Also on the topic of blogs, in 3 days I'm raising the price to $8.50 so it's your last few days to get it for only $5. You can get it at Busy Scrappin, Scrappin Freestyle, and Creative Scraps. The link for all those stores is on the side.