October 18, 2008

Personal Use Version Of My Disney Princesses

After someone requested a personal use version of the princesses, I packaged up my colored versions in my previews and put them in my store as a personal use pack. You can find them here at Scrappin Freestyle and here at Busy Scrappin (just click my name under designers).


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Linda from Bon Scrapatit left me this comment:

"Shilo love, I've not been to visit in quite a while. Funny how life goes in cycles and/or seasons!

I ADORE your PRINCESS templates and while I would NEVER have imagined using CU items of this nature prior, I am TOTALLY smitten and cannot wait for PAYDAY to purchase them!!! You are QUITE an amazing young lady you know - PURE GENIUS girl!!!

Thank you SO much for the LOVELY purse templates and for your CONTINUAL generosity to ALL of us in SCRAPLAND!!!

Linda :)"

And for some reason it meant alot to me and made my day. So I just wanted to thank Linda.. and I'll be RAKing her with my princess templates. Now you don't have to wait until payday =]

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Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Awww, Shilo, you girl have made MY day! Gosh, I've got tears in my eyes! How SWEET you are to RAK me with your ADORABLE princesses!

I was just telling my best friend about them earlier this evening as well and that you have recreated Disney's MOST famous princesses yourself!

It has taken me MANY years (and I am more than old enough to be your mama!) to realize that ARTISTIC talent comes in MANY forms and that I actually fit into that category!!! LOL! Don't ask me why, but for some mysterious reason I grew up thinking that those that could draw and/or paint were the TRUE artists!!! Okay, so I've learned better but I have to admit, I am still in AWE and SO admire those, such as yourself, that can render a life-like figure from scratch!!!

Thank you for your kindness darlin'. My e-mail address is: lindawalton@calte.com.

MWAH! Have a MOST lovely day SUNSHINE!

Linda :)